Technology @ Vivriti

Mission @ Vivriti

To continuously better the lives of all our clients through customized financial solutions

Objective @ Vivriti

We founded Vivriti with the objective of creating the largest and most valuable marketplace for financial services serving a client base of financial institutions, corporates, small enterprises, and individuals that lack efficient access to financial services. The founding team is committed to making Vivriti Capital a one-stop shop for all the debt requirements of its target clientele.

The word, Vivriti means progress or development.  At the root of development is capital.  Our institutional clients, amongst others, constitute micro-finance companies and education loan companies.  Our clients make progress possible by lending to poor entrepreneurs and small businesses who do not have access to capital through traditional channels.  Our clients provide loans to students who pursue higher education and their dreams.  We, at Vivriti, in turn, help our clients raise debt capital when they need it.  With our retail business, we will also be lending directly to retail customers to pursue their financial and life goals.

Our work @ Vivriti

Companies target a specific capital structured that is dictated by regulatory requirements and the cost of such capital.  Capital structure consists of equity and debt.  We, at Vivriti, help clients raise debt financing.  We have a multi stage approach with respect to our clients.  We seek clients to partner with based on our understanding of the client's sector.  We develop a deep understanding of a client  based on the client's business model, and once we decide to partner with a client, we develop a relationship, one in which we keep ourselves aware of the client's needs and work with them regularly to ensure they have access to capital they need when they need it.

History @ Vivriti and elsewhere

Our industry has long been characterised by
  • Manual Processing - We generate structured products, legal documents, term sheets, waterfall and other documents manually
  • Excel Usage - We perform commercials, rick, credit and other financial computations with Excel, manually
  • Information Asymmetry - Borrowers lack access to investors and critical information such as market pricing
  • Relationships - Who you know rather than what you are and do dictates ability to raise capital
  • Concentrated Expertise - Only a few "experts" can perform the kind of transactions we consummate
  • Subjective Decision Making - Decision making, while still dependent on data, is also dependent on the expert's experience, knowledge and views
These issues have resulted in a less than optimal experience for our clients and investors
  • Lack of Standardisation - Different file formats and document structures make it harder for people to process and digest information 
  • High Turnaround Time - Time consumed standardising inputs, clarifying inputs and requirements, and processing input files manually all lead to high TATs
  • Sub-optimal Pricing and Investment Avenues - Lack of transparency and data unavailability lead clients to take suboptimal decisions with regards to pricing.  Undeserving borrowers may get better prices while deserving ones may get worse prices or my go unfunded
  • Nonscalability - Impossible to scale rapidly to meet demand
  • Underemployment and Employee Morale - Smart employees spend more time performing mundane tasks best left to machines
  • Errors, Reputation Loss - Employee fatigue leads to mistakes in computation or documentation risking firm reputation

Approach @ Vivriti

"Over the past decades computers have broadly automated tasks that programmers could describe with clear rules and algorithms. Modern machine learning techniques now allow us to do the same for tasks where describing the precise rules is much harder" - Jeff Bezos

We founded Vivriti with the sole purpose of disrupting this industry by leveraging technology as an enabler in solving these and many future problems.  Engineering and technology is at the heart of our business.  We take a multi-pronged approach towards solving the problems that plague our industry.

  • Automation - Eliminate all manual processes - computation of financials and commercials, generation of documents and waterfalls, collection of data from public and private sources, constructing structured data from unstructured data using techniques such as OCR and natural language processing (NLP), illustrate and illuminate through meaningful graphs (UI), manage and track performance of our clients and investor portoflios etc.
  • Data and Analysis - Collect and store unstructured data from public and private sources in a data lake, provide business/users data at their fingertips, allow them to slice and dice, analyse and decide
  • Modelling, Evaluation and Prediction - Develop several mathematical and financial models, use our data (primary and secondary) to evaluate investments, clients, macro and micro economic trends, interest rates, compute real time risk for our portfolios, build automated credit assessment modules, build default probability and loss estimation models, collateral/security values etc.
  • Process Management - Develop workflows to coordinate and collaborate with our stakeholders, clients and investors, develop notifications and reminder mechanisms, provide information for decision making at the click of a button, develop chatbots and communication mechanisms to instantaneously communicate, clarify and make decisions
  • Authentication and Fraud Detection - Use voice and face recognition for fraud detection, integrate with sources such as UIDAI, NSDL and CDSL for developing authentication systems of individuals and documents 
  • Mobile Technologies - Build mobility solutions such mobile branches, on the go marketplace access and decision making, customer touch points, on the spot loan approvals etc.
  • Payments and Post Transaction Handling - Integrate with payment systems to allow funds transfer post transaction execution
  • Compelling and Convenient Dashboards - Build compelling dashboards, graphs and UI with React.js to allow our users to easily interact with our data, analyse, make decisions and communicate it to us, counter parties and stakeholders all in one place
We are doing this by building a single common online portal called The Vivriti Marketplace

We are perfectly positioned to disrupt and lead this industry with our promoters and founders who have, over six decades of experience in this field and have differentiated themselves with the knowledge capital they have built over the years.  We are pioneers in this industry and have several firsts to our name including marquee transactions such the first education loans securitisation transaction in India and social transformation transactions such as the Aye transaction

Congratulations to the team that closed the first deal of the year for 200cr

Values @ Vivriti

We believe and abide by our core values of
  • Customer Centricity
  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Work Ethic
  • Team Centricity 
  • Passion

People @ Vivriti

Team building at the offsite

Lending a helping hand

Our people
  • are out to make a difference and change the world
  • are smart, energetic, and enthusiastic
  • have strongly held opinions but loosely held convictions
  • want to work with and learn from other passionate developers
  • are diligent and persevering
  • want to solve complex and challenging problems
  • want to raise the bar on others and themselves
And our engineers are also
  • are passionate about coding and software development
  • are intrigued and inspired by new technologies and methodologies

Solving problems together

Fun @ Vivriti

Going for the kill

Preparing for the finals

VPL - I champions - Taj Savoy, Ooty, April 6, 2018

You @ Vivriti

  • You have a strong history of delivering results, and
  • You have strong analytical, technical and communication skills, and
  • You are passionate about software development, and
  • You are keen on making history, and
  • You have a strong sense of ownership, teamwork, purpose, and achievement, and
  • You are keen on delivering products that help our customers, and play a meaningful role in the economy of the country, and
  • You are smart and outcome focused, and
  • You are keen on working the latest technologies and building world class products from scratch, and
  • You have expertise/interest in building web applications, and/or
  • You have expertise/interest in building enterprise scale back end systems, and/or
  • You have expertise/interest in building cool front end applications, and/or
  • You have expertise/interest in building applications on the cloud, and/or
  • You have expertise/interest in building mathematical models, and/or
  • You have expertise/interest in data science and analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence
then we

  • are very excited about what you bring to the able, and
  • would like to talk to you and explore this further

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Stack @ Vivriti

We are lucky to work on the latest and greatest of technologies whether it be cloud computing, front end, back end, machine learning